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Golden Emperor Mushrooms offer an amazing trip for all the beginner mushroom lovers out there. These mushrooms are perfect for connecting you to your inner-self. This strain delivers an amazing and creative energy-boost and leads to peace, relaxation, happiness and spiritual understanding.

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Buy Golden Emperor Mushrooms Online Florida, offer an amazing trip for all the newer mushroom lovers out there. These mushrooms are perfect for connecting you to your inner-self. This strain delivers an amazing and creative energy boost and leads to peace, relaxation, happiness, and spiritual understanding.

To all the newbie mushroom enthusiasts – Get your hands on this train immediately and see how it enlightens your perception. Golden Emperor Mushrooms are one of the most loved strains by growers as well as consumers. Once a consumer of this mushroom strain is always its consumer. First appearing in the 1980s. A famous mushroom strain that first appeared in the 1980s and is to date admired and acknowledged for the beauty and spiritual effects that it offers.


  • Microdosing (0.1G-0.7G): A microdose is a safe dose, the dose that delivers the expected beneficial effects without leading to any of the more intense experiences. You can enjoy the good effects of magic mushrooms without getting on a trip.
  • The Mild Dose (0.8G-1.5G): This dose is slightly higher than the microdose and offers mild effects as well. It enhances countenance, boosts concentration without inducing intense hallucination.
  • Moderate Dosage (1.6G-2.5G): This forms a good amount for beginners who are just trying the substance for its trip effects. The dose is much stronger and it induces the onset of hallucinatory effects and other intense effects. Depending on the tolerance level of the user, the dosage effects may not be extreme.
  • The Psychedelic Dose (2.6G-3.5G): At this dose, you will experience an intense psychedelic trip. The user will experience deep hallucinations and a distorted sense of time and space. This amount is ill-advisable for beginners and it is best applied when you are in the company of a trip sitter such as a friend or relative.
  • Strong Dose (3.6G-5G): This does is not recommended for most users and hence it should be avoided at all costs. It is fit only for those who have become accustomed to psychedelic trips. The user will experience extremely powerful hallucinatory effects and lose a touch with reality. There is a high chance of having a bad trip from this dosage.

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